Wednesday, October 5, 2011

get to know DANIELLE better

Today we are going to get to know Danielle!  
She is an amazing girl who I've gotten to know quite well over the years as we've bonded over silks, bobbles & metallic anythings!
I love when Danielle, her friends & her mom, Mary, come to visit!  Always a great time!
(Also, her beautiful mom is not only a pleasure to visit with BUT makes some of the best crab apple jelly E.V.E.R.)

What’s the name you typically respond to? 
Danielle or Daniela

What is your current career/job?
Marketing Coordinator at Cossette 
Communications where I work exclusively on the McDonald’s account.

What do you love most about your job? 
I love developing advertisements 
with the creative team that I later see around town.

What is your typical work ‘uniform’? 
My typical work uniform is my Dept black leggings 
from Black & Bold with my purple BB Dakota 
tunic, also from B&B.
 On cold days I wear my gray & black striped 
wrap with a deer head on the back, also from B&B.

What’s your go-to look on your day off? 
My ripped Levi Jeans, black 
tank & black blazer with flats & sunglasses.

What or who inspires you? Why?
My mom.
My mom is the nicest person I know & has overcome a lot of 
hardships to carve out a great life full of meaning and purpose.

What or who is your style icon? Why?
I have many style icons. 
My top choices are Kate Hudson & Gwyneth Paltrow.
 Kate Hudson has such a relaxed look yet she’s always put 
together. She wears her looks with confidence & never seems to 
compromise comfort. 
Gwyneth normally has a classic look but often 
takes risks & has started numerous trends.

What’s your personal style in 3 words? 
Classic, comfortable, unique.

What is your personal style rule? 
Personal style is all about dressing for you & not following the trends everyone else is setting.

What’s your fashion must-have for this summer? 
My metallic linen shorts from Black & Bold!

What is one item you think every woman should have & maybe splurge on? 
Really chic sunglasses.

What’s your ideal look for attending a BBQ this year? 
A bright cocktail dress paired with a summer scarf, 
clutch & wedge sandals.

What’s your favorite can’t-live-without beauty product? 

Favorite local salon/spa or beauty spot? 
Just opened in the Hole's Enjoy Center.

What book would you recommend as a must read? 

Favorite local cafĂ©/bistro? 

What movie would you recommend as a must see? 
It is a true classic love story but also covers a major historical war 
& the period costuming is incredible.

Favorite local dining place? 

What are you listening to on repeat lately? 
Jordan Norman’s entire album. 
He is a local Edmonton musician.

Favorite day activity or festival in Edmonton?
 My favorite day activity is walking down to the market on 104th on Saturday mornings.

Favorite evening activity or festival in Edmonton? 
My favorite festival is Heritage Days because I love food & being surrounded by 
different cultures.

Give B&B ladies one piece of advice…
My advise for B&B ladies is to find something you love to do & do it 
well! Never compromise your values for anyone or anything else.

I recently went to the Water Garden Spa at the Enjoy Center & wore 
by striped Fullcircle dress. As I walked into the spa, all the ladies 
at the counter commented on my dress & two people came up to touch 
the dress. After a hard work week, I felt so beautiful & special, &  
I hadn't even received any spa treatments yet! The clothes at B&B make 
me feel comfortable, unique, & truly allow me to express my 
individual style. I have never felt better!

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