Tuesday, February 15, 2011

pretty babies

Long time, no posts.

Hope all you lovelies had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

I've been busy with all the new merchandise coming in & slowly rotating the store so I can squish in all the pretty things.  As you are all aware (or I should hope you are by now) the new location is so much smaller than the previous one.  I very well couldn't cancel or reject any of the fabulous fashions I had coming simply because there was no room.  That's like suggesting a girl shouldn't get 3 dresses but just one - Please, we will always find a way.

That being said - if you haven't made it in for the Savings: The Best for Last Winter Clearance, you may have missed out on a bit but there are still many deals to be had!  & for those of you who have been in - time to get those precious buns back in as I've added, switched & moved in some more sale items!

The entire store is 20% off.
This includes all accessories & TOKYOMILK product.
Also all merchandise that has just come in.

But that's peanuts compared to the rest of the deals.
The round rack at the back of the store is jam packed with items for only $25 a piece.
A section for just $42 an item.
Alternative tops for just $12 a piece.
All shoes & boots are 75% off.
Jeans for $18 a pair.
& so much more!

Remember, B&B is open until 7pm on weekdays!

Women are always beautiful.  
~Ville Valo

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