Monday, September 27, 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010

this one's for my MoM! & Julian Casablancas & Ian Somerhalder

So my mom has figured out how to read this blog....I never thought she would be that excited about this.  Actually, I think she's kind of proud that I'm doing it.  LOL <-- this means 'laugh out loud' mom....

I apologize if this entry seems directed to my mom - cuz it is.  But for those of you who have had the privilege of meeting her will know she's a pretty special lady.  Obviously, as she had me. ;)  She's responsible for all my irresistible charm, awesome attitude & impeccable taste.

I may not have given my mom any traditional boasting rights BUT I have given her a blog....& she seems scarily more excited about this. Who knew that to make my mother feel like I was accomplishing something I just had to put it on the internet. Just kidding, but seriously....LOL  No, my mom has always been great at being supportive & even better at pointing out what I'm doing wrong with my life. :)

Maybe from now on if I have anything important to tell her I will put it on here.  She, for some odd reason, thinks I don't ever shut up - therefore she is forever only half listening when I talk to her.  She has said more than once that I was a very quiet little girl & to this day she has no idea what happened.

You know how YOUR mom runs around with photos of your kids?  Or your wedding?  Or your nieces & nephews?  Or maybe your new dog?  Ya, that's my mom the past week with her laptop & this web blog.  

I may be embarrassed if I had an actual number of how many times she has been on this blog TODAY, let alone how many people in my little ol' hometown have seen it now. Probably a number about as embarrassing as how many times I've watched Strokes videos of Julian Casablancas or looked up Ian Somerhalder today...just bein honest here.  Mom --> both of these names have been part of my fictional boyfriend roster more than once, which I know I've mentioned & I'm sure you were only half listening to me at the time when I showed you their pictures - "Oh, that's nice dear...." (Yes, I have a fictional boyfriend roster.  Please, if you are a girl you can't judge me.  Mine just may be a little more organized & planned out than most girls'.)

After all someone has to keep Jennifer Aniston company & her bad boyfriend choices some competition....& give my mom a blog to read.  It's the responsible thing to do here.

 We'll take it back a few years for tonight's music choice - the video I watched a few dozen times today (& yes, I was still working while watching).  Mom - Julian Casablancas is the singer. 'Member that fun keyboard type song I want to use for an upcoming fashion show?  This is him.  Yes mom, his pants are white & possibly a bit too tight (two words for you, mom: Bon Jovi, who STILL wears his pants that tight, as a well trained daughter - not complaining, just sayin). You may deny for a moment while watching this video that I have any of your capabilities or qualities of 'impeccable taste' & just how 'responsible' I truly am as previously stated....or who knows, maybe I'll be loading up your ipod.  Either way I'll brace myself for whatever else I'm sure you'll call me about tomorrow. :)  Hope you're still as excited about this blog thing after reading this & watching this....

I'm your daughter, you have to love me.

Don't forget about the sale that's on at the store this weekend!!
I need to make room for what's left to come in yet!

Friday September 24th 10:30am to 6pm
Saturday September 25th 10:30am to 5pm
50% Off Entire Store

Yes, even the pieces that just came in today! 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

kelly madden: show tonight

Looking for something to do? Check out Western Canada Fashion Week!

Tonight is the show for my personal favorite Edmonton designer!

"Kelly spent the first 18 years of her life in a small northern Alberta hamlet called Bluesky. She went to school in the neighbouring town of Fairview which had a population of just over three thousand. Despite the lack of resources, she still had the passion for design, spending much of her time sketching, altering garments  and making outfits for her dolls. Taking fashion design as a post secondary study was the only consideration for the designer.
In 2002 Kelly graduated with a diploma in Fashion Design and Apparel Production from Marvel college in Edmonton, Alberta. The years following were spent drafting patterns and sewing for a local mascot company. In the summer of 2007 Kelly started her own company designing women's clothing. She now sells to 2 local boutiques as well as creating customs items for her clients special occasions."


Black & Bold is one of the 2 boutiques that carry her line.

 Hope to see some of you there tonight! ;) 

TransAlta Arts Barn
10330 - 84 Ave, Edmonton
$20 at the Door
Doors open @ 7pm
Show starts @ 8pm

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Watch this music video & stare at this dress.....
Go ahead, tell me you don't want it.
...I don't believe you.

Monday, September 20, 2010

fall is here in full force...

New shipments are in!
ooohed & aaahed
for hours by myself about this shipment...
Not even lying a little bit, it would have been awkward had you seen it.

Large square silk-look scarves - without the silk price tags.
Jackets with amazing shoulder shapes & embellishments.
Romantic lace & rich jaquard.
Cozy sweaters that in no way resemble sweatpant attire.
Dresses of solid sequins.
Chanel inspired tweeds.
Mens inspired sport coats.
Faux fur cropped coats & vests.

I could go on but I think you get the idea that it's awesome.
Go ahead & covet...

whoever said money can't buy happiness 
 didn't know where to shop...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ms. Jackson...

Black & Bold Photo Shoot
If you've been to any of the shows I've put on through the store, then you've seen Kyla rockin' whatever she's wearing. This girl is good! Check out her site below. :)

Photographer Tom Zesmyth
Make-up by Nicole Ziegler
Clothing Black & Bold

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

dear Nikki - can I borrow your dresses & your Rich? thX

Nikki & Rich - check them out! 

Do I even need to say anything?  Nope. I don't think there is anything I don't like about this...From the sound & lyrics to the fashion: Fabulous!  


"you can't fly a kite, if you ain't got a string"

;) Too Cute & Too Saucy!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

when the cat's away....

Sorry for no posts the past few days.  I was at the buying show shopping my life away so you all can look fabulous the next few months & into the new year!  (Yes, it's coming.) 

What's new?  What's new? What's new....

Well, while I was away my mom was holding the fort down.  I think she had a little too much fun.  Everything was re-arranged when I came back.  Lol...mothers.  Looks great though, always interesting to see what others come up with from the pieces I've brought into the shop. A big thanks to all of you who stopped by, she really enjoyed seeing your faces! 

The show was great! Picked up a couple new lines for Fall '10 & a few for Spring '11 - Can't wait for it to come in so you all can drool like I did.  I may even have jumped up & down a few times as well?  

I got a few 'Heeeey, you're that girl from Black & Bold!  How's it goin?'  I mean, I don't mind being stopped for a chat with a pleasant stranger but I hope these are good reasons they know who I am!  Guess it can't be all that bad if they're handin' out high fives & hugs, right?  Most of my reps & I have become great friends over the years so it's always fun to see them. Sometimes it's like being passed around at a family dinner when you've missed the last several. Italian style - complete with cheek pinching aunts & creepy uncles.  ;)

Also while I was gone a few shipments came in!! Yay!  This great inexpensive fun line came in: tye dye tops, printed dresses & little lace skirts! A couple of the items have pockets - we all know how I'm such a sucker for any skirt or dress with pockets.  I already played dress up with it all & I'm beside myself with what I want personally...

Some new jewelry is in too!

There is a new line of tinned candy I brought in called Rendez Vous.  Sour cherry, french roasted coffee, tropical, lemon & wild berry.  The tins are so cute, great for your purse, your desk or a little gift.  Vintage inspired tins with tiny all natural flavored candies called Rendez Vous - what's not to love??!

The additional lighting finally came in & is up!!  No more dungeon in here. :)'s blog is like a mix tape - all over the place but aaaall good.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

swoon worthy hair & Gaslight Anthem

So I'm going to just jump right into it here - Is there anything better than a guy with great hair??

Ok, maybe there is.  Add in there a pair of great high tops, clean well fitted shirt, bomber jacket & perfectly *ahem* fitted jeans. Ooooor take that away from the great hair & add a suit. Those are my choices, you're free to dress your Ken doll to your liking.  Regardless, without decent hair it can be a waste. 

My gf, sister & I  hit up the Gaslight Anthem show - obviously we also had a chauffeur/chaperone accompany us.

I'll say it, Brian Fallon & Alex Levine have those swoon worthy, mad men haircuts mixed with that too cool greaser rockstar.  Now I've been talking up this haircut since before I first hung those 1940s pictures in the entry of the first store. Wishing & hoping for it to make a big come back.  It's back (has been for awhile now) & sloooooowly making it's way into Edmonton.  My gf is a hairstylist & she has been noticing more guys favoring the rockabilly rebel meets '50s office.  Yay!

You know the haircuts I'm talking about - the ones where when you see it in movies or some random ad that it might be possible he'll pick up in a great old car channeling either a perfect bad boy James Dean or fabulous gentleman Jon Hamm, would no doubt hold the door open for you (regardless of the bad boy or nice guy persona you've chosen) & away you go on your dream date?  You get to be Audrey Hepburn or Judy Garland - your choice.  I'm sure you already know where you're headed once in the car - none of my business... 

But just don't forget your overly ladylike dress & sky high pumps or your denim onesie with the cute flats.. Hey - I don't want you to unprepared here. After all there is a reason we like men to look a certain way - obviously to compliment our own outfits. ;)  (I'm pretty sure Barbie's outfits were created before Ken's, just sayin'.)

Or maybe I'm just getting a bit tired of the sloppy 'I just rolled out of bed' look - why?  Cuz it's getting sloppy.  Even Zac Efron is brushing the hair out of his eyes...I mean, who wants to be mistaken for Justin Bieber?!  

Our chauffeur/chaperone of the evening being male thought maybe it gave Brian & Alex a more 'guy next door' look.  Hmmm, good thought.  He said like the kind of guy that would offer to mow your lawn.  In that case, I'd better buy a house with a yard.

"I'm not image conscious, I just have a quality image."

Gotta run....a '59 impala just pulled up. Where am I going?  None of your business. ;)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

no Pick-Me-Up on a rainy day like a new dress or trinket! has been a GREAT day!  Yes, aside from the weather perhaps.  But I'm sure you are all lovin' the opportunity to layer on all your new cardigans & jackets!
My great day consisted of a Venti & a half of mocha.  Yup, I'm a vibrating ecstatic mess as today I got FOUR shipments!  
...Sequins, roses & studs - Oh my!

It really doesn't get much better than that!  Now picture theeeeeese jaw dropping dresses with theeeeeese drool worthy accessories... what to choose, what to choose.

Oh & to top it all off boots & shoes in store are on sale.  You're welcome. 
All this is what I call work. ;)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Everybody's doin' it...

Well, with some encouragement from friends, family & clients I've started this blog.
Now, be patient as most people who know me - know I like to babble in general but in this blog it's going to be fashion related.  In which case, I can go on for days...or as my mom says "until her eyes glaze over."  And obviously, it is going to relate to the store.  Upcoming events, what's new in store, opinions on latest trends etc.

What better way to start it off with a little bit about moi & the store:
I like long walks on the beach, candle lit dinners... :)  Seriously though, Black & Bold is going into year 3 of business and moved to a new location.  Things have been tough but I think I can safely say I've enjoyed every moment so far.

Finally! A picture of the new store! Sign look familiar? We (my sister, dad & mom) put this sign up in the middle of that MASSIVE thunderstorm in July. Over 12 ft of solid steel while holding it up on 2 ladders....risk takers or plain idiots?

The store has been relocated to 10826 124 Street from it's original location on Jasper Ave.  This is important to know & to share with your friends!  I had a couple in this weekend where the girl thought I had shut down because the old location was gone & her boyfriend drove by the new location, told his girlfriend & she thought he was joking.  Nope, I'm still here.

Why did I choose this name for the blog?  If I had a reference tag line I get when I'm out & about - it would be That Girl from Black & Bold.  I'll take it, I've been called worse.

So I'll be here, babbling as often or as little as I choose.

Let's do this.